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Rat cap

Rat cap associated with Mit (J.M.) Fitzsimons. Fitzsimons was captain of the 1936 Georgia Tech football team.

slide rule

A slide rule associated with Margaret Stephens who was one of a very few female students in 1960. The first full time women students had only been admitted to Georgia Tech eight years earlier in 1952.

Rat cap

A Georgia Tech Rat Cap associated with William A. Cashin, Jr. from Augusta, Georgia. Cashin graduated from Tech in 1955 with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Olympic Lunch box

A cardboard “Olympic Lunch Box” used to distribute lunches at the Georgia Tech Olympic Village during the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games.

drafting booklet

A template booklet associated with the drafting kit of Margaret Stephens who was one of a very few female students in 1960. The first full time women students had only been admitted to Georgia Tech eight years earlier in 1952.


The Tech Yellow Jackets played the University of California’s Golden Bears the day after Christmas in 1936, defeating the California team, 13-7. These bookends may well have been a product of Georgia Tech’s Department of Ceramic Engineering in…

Sugar Bowl button

A Georgia Tech button from the 1953 Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, LA.


Georgia Tech "T" button from the 1920s.


Sculpture by Julian Harris (1906-1987). Harris graduated from Georgia Tech in 1928 with a B.S. in architecture and soon became a noted free-lance sculptor, contributing many sculptures to the Atlanta area. Some of his work for the Georgia Tech campus…

engineer's cap

Engineer's style cap with embroidered "GT" on front bill. Georgia Tech patch with Buzz appears to be sewn over patch on front. Georgia Tech pennant attached to top of cap, with small yellow jacket figure and "flower" ornament.

Associated with…

gloves and ring

Pair of Georgia Tech football gloves, leather. White with brown football and yellow triangle decorations attributed to May Ruth Turner. Snap closures on the inside. Georgia Tech class ring, gold with ruby colored stone. Tech insignias on both sides…


Y. Frank Freeman was born in Greenville, Georgia in 1890. In 1907, Freeman enrolled at Georgia Tech where he was a member of the varsity baseball team. He was also on the editorial board of the 1910 Blueprint and was vice-president of his senior…

Joe Guthridge portrait

Joe Guthridge came to Georgia Tech in 1958 and, beginning in 1960, served as director of development and assistant to President Edwin D. Harrison. Guthridge was instrumental in securing funding from the Georgia Tech Foundation and the Georgia Tech…


Small woven textile, likely produced by the Georgia Tech School of Textile Engineering. Piece is of gold colored rayon-like fabric with lighter yellow for lettering and decorative border. Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Georgia Tech in 1938.

band uniform

Georgia Tech band uniform jacket. Jacket is predominantly black and features three rows of buttons down the breast area on a field of white cloth with gold horizontal stripes. Buttons on outermost portion of breast area are each ornamented with…

Rat cap

Elizabeth Herndon became one of the first two women to enroll at Georgia Tech in 1952 when the Board of Regents narrowly approved co-education at Tech. Tech President Blake Van Leer had long been a proponent of opening enrollment to women, and he,…

"T" sweater

"T" sweater associated with C.S. "Shorty" Smith, Class of 1929.


Small woven textile of gold color with lighter white text. Item was most likely produced the the Georgia Tech School of Textile Engineering department. This item features the seal of the Georgia School of Technology. Image is of a circle with text…

Ramblin' Wreck trophies

Two early examples of Ramblin' Wreck trophies. Today's Ramblin' Wreck parade, held each Homecoming, is descended from an actual auto race that was furn from Atlanta to Athens, Georgia, starting in 1929. Eventually, Tech administrators decided that…

ROTC uniform

The U.S. Congress passed the National Defense Act in June 1916 which provided for the formation of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). The first unit formed at Georgia Tech in March 1918.

This detail image shows the Yellow Jacket logo…