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Y. Frank Freeman was born in Greenville, Georgia in 1890. In 1907, Freeman enrolled at Georgia Tech where he was a member of the varsity baseball team. He was also on the editorial board of the 1910 Blueprint and was vice-president of his senior…

Joe Guthridge portrait

Joe Guthridge came to Georgia Tech in 1958 and, beginning in 1960, served as director of development and assistant to President Edwin D. Harrison. Guthridge was instrumental in securing funding from the Georgia Tech Foundation and the Georgia Tech…

Yellow Jacket model airplane

Yellow Jacket model airplane, associated with Steve Cantrell.

In 1958, Tech student Steve Cantrell and his roommate, Jimmy Williams were flying a model airplane in the parking lot of the Alexander Memorial Coliseum when they were approached and…

band uniform

Georgia Tech band uniform jacket. Jacket is predominantly black and features three rows of buttons down the breast area on a field of white cloth with gold horizontal stripes. Buttons on outermost portion of breast area are each ornamented with…

model cannon

"Fitten Cannon" ca. 1890. Miniature brass and iron cannon made by James Turner Fitten in the foundry while he was a student at Georgia Tech. The barrel of the cannon is of brass, and the wheels are red painted iron.

Georgia Tech seal

Large sculptural rendering of the Georgia Tech Seal in plaster, painted gold and black. Sculptor: Julian Harris, GT graduate and former GT instructor.

Olympic torch

gta0058_Olympic Torch2.jpg
Unused model of the Olympic torch used during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA. The torch burner mechanism was designed by Dr. Sam Shelton, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech. Shelton also acted as consultant on the…


ROTC uniform

The U.S. Congress passed the National Defense Act in June 1916 which provided for the formation of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). The first unit formed at Georgia Tech in March 1918.

This detail image shows the Yellow Jacket logo…

Picasso vase

gta0595_Picasso Vase.jpg
A large terre de faience vase unglazed, painted in blue, beige and white, numbered, with the Madoura pottery stamp, also stamped Edition Picasso with four faces, loop handles, top coil-decorated, short flared rim foot. Vase attributed to Pablo…

Yellow Jacket model airplane

In the late 1940s, Georgia Tech students began the tradition of flying a model Yellow Jacket plane during the halftime of football games. The idea apparently originated with William Millar, who graduated from Tech’s Aerospace program in 1950. …


Spalding "Autograph" football in gold and white. Football is stamped "GA TECH" in the white panel below the Spalding label. Hand-lettering below the Spalding label indicates "Presented to Dean Jim Dull." On the two white panels of the football are…


cheer leader's jacket

A 1948 Georgia Tech cheerleader's jacket worn by John Walter Lay, Jr.

Jacket is of gold satin material in a short "Eisenhower" style. Embroidered "Ga Tech" appear on the right breast area in letters of white thread; a felt applique of a megaphone…

Yellow Jacket model airplane

Model Airplane painted as Yellow Jacket. The body of the plane is rounded in shape and painted with alternating black and yellow stripes, with smaller white stripes between the larger black and white ones. The "head" of the airplane is an oblong…

United States flag

A 45-star American flag associated with the appearance of President Theodore Roosevelt on Georgia Tech's campus in 1905. A handwritten inscription on the flag (on the first white stripe below the field of stars) reads: "This flag was on the stand…

Converse "Chuck Taylor" sneakers

gta1098_Buzz Chuck TaylorsCut.jpg
Converse "Chuck Taylors" sneakers associated with Susan Davis, the first woman to play the part of Buzz.

fedora hat

Fedora-style hat worn by Tech student, Robert D. Neill. The hat commemorates Tech's appearance in the 1943 Cotton Bowl and features the signatures of several of the members of the 1943 football squad. Hat is of beige wool felt with hat ribbon trim…


seat cushion

gta0640_Sugar Bowl Seat Cushion.jpg
Souvenir cushion from 1953 Sugar Bowl. Striped on one side, yellow on the other. Yellow side has black image of a football stadium with "Sugar Bowl" spelled out on the field. In black, "Souvenir 1953 Sugar Bowl Classic, New Years Day. Georgia…


football helmet

gta0152_Fitzsimmons Football Helmet_fnl.jpg
Leather football helmet attributed to Mit (J.M.) Fitzsimons. Note associated with the object indicates that he was captain of the 1936 Georgia Tech football team. Same note also indicates that he was an "All American Christy Walsh" selection in…



Metal plaque, probably of bronze, which features a quote in raised bas relief lettering. The plaque features a quote from U.S. President William Howard Taft as follows:

"I consider the honest engineer the / most valuable asset of this Government.…


State of Georgia Athletic Hall of Fame patch associated with Henry Rudolph "Peter" Pund, a member of the 1929 Rose Bowl team and All-American center. Archives collections also include a sweater attributed to Pund with a 1928 All American patch on…