Robert Morris, EE 1944


Robert Morris, EE 1944


This interview with Robert Morris, EE 1944, was conducted by C.S. Allen, on Monday July 11, 1994, at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. Morris tells about his earliest memory of Tech, the 1928 Rose Bowl Game which he heard on his father's radio. He describes his financial shortfall when he came to Tech and his meetings with President Brittain, who arranged a loan of $50 enabling Morris to enroll in his classes and pay for his first meal plan at Tech. Morris then described his living arrangements in Cloudman dormitory, a co-op dorm. He only lived there three months at a time. He recalls that many of the incoming freshman were not totally prepared for Tech and did not make it through Tech's tough program. He describes his social life as limited since there were not women on campus and very few cars. Morris tells of joining the ATO fraternity during his third year and comments on the shortage of members due to the War. Military students were numerous on campus, leaving the civilians a minority. Two professors that he remembers well include a former Mechanical Engineering professor Johns and an English professor Anderson, who was strict but right. The Tech vs. Georgia rivalry was strong in his memory, as was the competition between various ROTC units on campus. Morris tells the details of a "Miss Perfect Lips" contest with young females from the community competing in it. He speaks of his co-op job with Allis-Chalmers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he recalled earning $87.50 per month. There are brief references to the Fox Theater and the Georgian Terrace. He also mentions his role as the head usher at Tech football games and that alcoholic beverages were not allowed in the stands during games. Finally, he spoke about the various buildings on campus, the surrounding homes off campus, and mentioned Techwood homes.


1994 July 11