Lewis Hamilton, SP TEXT 1915


Lewis Hamilton, SP TEXT 1915


This interview with Lewis Hamilton, Spec. Textiles 1915, was conducted by Jennifer Dziejowski on Tuesday, July 12, 1994 at Nursecare of Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia. Hamilton shared his football memories of Coaches Alexander, Heisman, and Flowers. He recalls living in Swann and Knowles dormitories and tells a story about the Knowles cook. Hamilton mentions being in Special Textiles and comments briefly on the YMCA and Uncle Heine. He sings the first verse of the Ramblin' Wreck song and remembers Whitlock. He recalls dances in the gymnasium and comments on band director Greenblatt then mentioning Sigma Nu fraternity and relaying an early memory of playing cards in the dorm. He tells of his participation in baseball, track, and band, and then explains why he decided to go to Tech. Hamilton mentions visiting his aunt and uncle and remembers the dorm as the place of study. He recalls the library as being small and does not remember an honor code existing. Hamilton concludes by telling that his uncle had an automobile and that John Heisman was a good coach.


1994 July 12