Charles Littlejohn, AE 1944


Charles Littlejohn, AE 1944


This interview with Charles Littlejohn, AE 1944, was conducted by Steven Gaines, on Wednesday July 13, 1994, at Mr. Littlejohn's home in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Littlejohn discusses the different groups on campus during his time at Tech, including V-12, ROTC, ASTP, and civilians. He describes the V-12 program and lists a number of schools that the V-12 students came from before coming to Tech. He tells of his academic life and the students' desire to get fighting the war quickly. Littlejohn gives information about the V-12 regiment and describes some of the physical training requirements. He relays a story about D.M. Smith as well as mentioning Professors Johns and Webber of the Mechanical Engineering department. He mentions Dutton, Harper, and Bricker of the AE department and includes stories about A.Y. Pope and Montgomery Knight. Littlejohn recounts memories of his first day at Georgia Tech, including the train trip from Alabama, checking in at the Naval Armory, and going to Howell dormitory. He relates some dating experiences and makes comments about Atlanta transportation, including the trolley system and automobiles. He describes how he became an Aerospace Engineering major and briefly comments about rules. He mentions the Biltmore Hotel, Georgian Terrace, Aunt Fanny's Cabin, and Mammy's Shanty as popular spots in Atlanta. He comments about food prices and goes on to mention Atlanta social clubs. He mentions the corner of Ellis and Peachtree as a good place to meet girls and briefly comments on the 'miss perfect lips' contest. He remembers the Fox Theater, The Krispy Kreme near campus, and being 'in hack' on a Saturday night. He tells of running the stadium and swimming and notes that the football team had an advantage because of military students. He discusses his involvement with AIAA at Tech and after graduation and makes reference to campus publications. He recounts memories of the YMCA, George P. Burdell, and the Ramblin' Wreck parade. He mentions the Ramblin' Wreck song and describes how V-12 men from different colleges felt at home at Tech. He describes the Varsity as a great place to meet girls and relays memories of President Brittain and Dean Griffin. He tells a story about being stationed in Norfolk after Tech, and comments about Tech Physics. He concludes by discussing interaction between military at Tech and the city of Atlanta.


1994 July 13