George Gardner, GE 1925


George Gardner, GE 1925


This interview, with George Gardner, General Engineering 1925, was conducted by Brian Dietzman, on Thursday August 11, 1994 at Mr. Gardner's home in Atlanta, Ga. Mr. Gardner tells how Tech's strong academics and sports programs brought him to Tech. His favorite sport was baseball, but he was recruited by Coach Alexander to play football, even after George Griffin rejected him for the Freshman Football team. He then tells of his later career in football officiating. He remembers one of his hardest classes, trigonometry, with Dr. David Stamy. Mr. Gardner recalls living in a boarding house on Fourteenth Street and walking to and from school. He says Dr. James McDaniel was his favorite teacher at Tech. He then tells of his being inducted into Georgia Tech's Hall of Fame and his close relationships with George Griffin and Chip Roberts. He remembers some of the soda fountains downtown such as Nunnally's and Tom Pitts. He talks of his participation in the reconciliation between Tech and UGA which made the 1925 Football game possible. He remembers visiting Arthur Murray's dance hall and remembers dancing with the ladies there. He tells of the trek from Tom Pitts to Tech for the shirttail parade. He tells how George Griffin began the cake race. He remembers Dr. Matheson as being one reason for his coming to Tech. He talks about his membership in the Bulldog club. He expresses great respect as he remembers the importance of his rat cap. He tells how he was inducted into his high school Hall of Fame, the GT Hall of Fame, and finally the National Hall of Fame. He finishes by claiming that he knew of another co-op student that graduated around his time that was a girl, but he couldn't remember her name.


1994 August 11