Frank Player, CE 1929


Frank Player, CE 1929


This is a Living History interview with Frank Player conducted on August 17, 1994 by Steven Gaines in Mr. Player's home. Mr. Player begins by discussing the co-op program and his first co-op job. He talks about his shop classes and recounts a story told by Uncle Heine in woodshop. He then goes on to talk about a construction project in Florida that he participated in while a student at Georgia Tech. He mentions Bill Fincher, Tifton, Maddox, sleeping on a rope, a hurricane, and losing all of his money because the bank failed. Mr. Player then discusses some of the professors he knew at Tech. He talks about Dean Skiles and Pole Cat Fields. He talks about his experience with D.M. Smith tutoring him in Calculus. He also talks about receiving a loan from Dr. Brittain. He describes basketball facilities while he was at Tech and talks about Roy Mundorff. He also speaks of the traveling he did while playing basketball. He discusses scholarships. He discusses being a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. He talks about automobiles and their influence on fraternity social life. He discusses being a member of the Koseme and Student Council. He also talks about initiation into the Bulldog Club. Mr. Player talks about Frank Gordy. He talks about The Yellow Jacket, the forerunner of The Varsity, and gives a detailed description of The Varsity's beginnings. He gives a description of George Griffin. He talks about wearing Rat Caps and the franchise he set up selling them. He then talks about the Biltmore and the Georgian Terrace. He speaks about Garber Hall and the dances held there. He talks about its operator, Butch Bearden. Mr. Player talks about his first encounter with Tech while he was at Marist High School. Professor Campoamor, a teacher at Tech, also taught Spanish at Marist. Mr. Player describes driving Professor Campoamor back to Tech from Marist in the sidecar of his motorcycle. Mr. Player concludes with a story about his graduation at the Fox Theater.


1994 August 17