Edward Merritt, COM 1924


Edward Merritt, COM 1924


This narrative with Edward Merritt, Commerce, 1924, was conducted by Buffy Snipes on Wednesday, August, 1994 at St. Anne's Convalescent Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Merritt begins with a heartwarming appreciation for his years at Tech. He speaks about his trips to New York City for two years as a delegate for the Inter-Fraternity Council. He remembers all the good friends he made while at Tech. He briefly recollects Dr. K.G. Matheson and Dr. Brittain. He goes on to talk about his major, commerce and business administration. Then, he talks about his activities including being president of the Inter-Fraternity Council. He makes brief remarks about how he had met Will Rogers. He continues with his memories of attending the Georgia Tech / Cumberland game with his father and talks about the hero of the game, Everett Strupper. His fraternity, Kappa Sigma, brought back memories. He then speaks about working as a salesman at Southern Belting Company. He tries to remember his first day at Tech and tells how he lived at home and walked to school. He remembers going to script dances at Garber Hall and the band leader, Jan Garber. He says he even met Arthur Murray. Next, he focuses on his experiences with the Ansley Golf Club and how they played at Eastlake Country Club and Piedmont Park. He briefly remembers Dean Skiles, his classes, and his attendance in shop classes and that he ate often at the Varsity. He continues by speaking about the Whistle at Tech. He then recalls fondly Grant Park and the merry-go-round. He vividly describes the Opera Weekend held at the Fox and the Metropolitan Opera Company with Ericho Caruso. He then mentions the Piedmont Driving Club and a form of transportation, the trolley car. Next, he mentions a friend of his, Jack McDonald, the president of Georgia Power Company. He describes the outings he had watching the Atlanta Cracker Baseball team, including seeing Ty Cobb. He briefly mentions A.G. Spalding as a place to shop. He remembers one of the owners of Nunnaly's, Charlie Nunnally, and describes Nunnally's as a place to take a date as well as Segaldo's, which was a dance place for college people. He goes on to describe the parades in Atlanta, specifically the Shirttail Parades by the Freshmen of Tech. He recalls briefly his requirement to wear the rat cap. He also remembers the construction of the Georgian Terrace and Biltmore hotels, where they held Saturday night T-dances. He concludes by mentioning the leader of the Tech band, Wop Roman.


1994 August 24