Evert Clark, IE 1944


Evert Clark, IE 1944


This narrative summarizes an Oral History Interview with Evert Clark, IE 1944, completed on Tuesday, October 20, 1994 at the home of Mr. Clark in Atlanta. Mr. Clark tells about his earliest memory Tech, the Scottish Rites Games, which he attended with his uncle. He explains how the only way he was able to attend college was by his aunt who got him a National Youth Administration Scholarship which was sponsored by the Federal Government. While in school he remembers working in the Navy ROTC his first year. HE also worked in the Athletic Supply Room under John Dozier smith, US Army retired. He has a fond remembrance of Coach Alexander and Coach Dodd. He then talks about Clint Castleberry and the Tech vs. Georgia game of 1942. Still on the subject of sports, he briefly mentions other coaches such as Roy Mundorff, Wack Hyder, Norris Dean, and Freddy Lenoue. Furthermore, he speaks fondly of several athletes that he met including Howard Eckter, Frank Broyles, Jim Luck and Jim Hearn. He recalls Sideways. He is glad that he had the opportunity to know Colonel Ed Danworth, sportswriter. He also has memories of Dr. Brittain and George Griffin and even tells a short story about Dean Skiles. He continues by talking about various jobs he held which included working in the Post Office and ushering at football games. Mr. Clark participated in the US Army ROTC program. He recounts after he got his commission at OCS during World War II, he was commissioned as an Ordinance Second Lieutenant and went to the Philippines. Next, HE explains that he never joined a fraternity because NYA would not allow it. He has a remembrance of the Wyncoffe Hotel fire. He then tells how low enrollment was and how he changed his major from chemical engineering to electrical engineering and finally to industrial engineering when he came back from the war. On the subject of war, he recounts his training through ROTC. He remembers driving to school and taking the Slide Rule Exam. During this exam, he heard Roosevelt's Declaration of War speech on the radio. After he finished Basic ROTC, he joined the Army Specialized Training Program and enlisted in the Enlisted Reserve Corp. He had to join in order to stay in school. He describes a typical school day, including shop with Uncle Heine. He explains that he did not have much social life because of school and his jobs. However, he did enjoy the spectator sports, especially football and basketball. In closing, he speaks of his experiences in the Philippines and the affects of the war on campus, students, and sports. He ends with a recollection of Fred Ajax who took over the placement service from George Griffin. The placement service was a great benefit to Mr. Clark.


1994 October 20