William Johnson, CHEM 1944


William Johnson, CHEM 1944


The following is a Living History Interview with William Johnson, class of 1957 and 1964, conducted by Gary Goettling on October 29, 1994 at the Georgia Tech Alumni Association in Atlanta, Georgia. The subject of the interview is student life at Georgia Tech. Mr. Johnson begins by explaining his background and how his eldest brother influenced his decision to come to Georgia Tech. He describes his first day at Tech and how he managed to find a dorm room, even though the dorms were full. He remembers the day that the U.S. joined World War II and how it changed his life. He discusses how Coach Alexander's and George Griffin's advice influenced his classmates' and his own decision as to how to join the military. He then discusses the effect of the war and the Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP) on Tech schedules and professors. He explains some of navy life on campus and discusses his proctorship of several dorms, including Harris, Techwood, Knowles, and Harrison, and mentions that he was proctor for Jimmy Carter. He explains how Tech prepared him for the military and how the military affected Tech, especially the retention rate. He speaks briefly about Tech's social life. He then talks about money: how he earned it and how it was spent. He mentions the Fox Theater and then talks about means of transportation: including public transit, car rentals, buying a Model A, and black market gas. He speaks again of the social life, including house parties off campus, blind dates, and the YMCA. He mentions the military again, then talks about Tech administrators, including Dr. Brittian, Dean Skiles, and the secretary's role as the Tech banker. HE speaks of student life again, including The Robbery, Britain, the Varsity, Saturday classes, movies at the Fox, dances at Heisman, frat parties, and his senior prom (where they had the Les Brown Band with Doris Day as their singer.) He mentions the location of Dean Griffin's house and the holding of his graduation reception there. He then mentions the Robbery Scholarship he received. He wraps up the interview by telling some of his many war stories.


1994 October 29