Victor Davis, TE 1923


Victor Davis, TE 1923


The following is a narrative of the Oral History interview conducted with Victor Manget Davis, who graduated from Georgia Tech in 1923, completed December 12, 1994 at Mr. Davis' home in Dunwoody, GA. Victor Davis begins by explaining why he came to Georgia Tech, including how he entered and a brief description of the high school he came from. He then describes how he came to Tech on the train. Mr. Davis also includes a decription of what his brother's school was like, and then moves on to detail the places where he lived while he was enrolled in school. Mr. Davis then talks about the area surrounding Tech, including Grant Field and Fowler Street. Victor Davis also includes a description of the YMCA and the activities which went on there. Mr. Davis then talks about Tech football, singing the Rambling Wreck song, the band and director Wop Roman. He then moves on to other aspects of his social life at school, how he met his wife from Agnes Scott, going to dances, and the other available forms of entertainment. Mr. Davis moves on to talk about Coaches Heisman and Alexander and his memories of them, including Coach Alexander teaching one of his math classes. He also mentions some stories about the Ramblin Wreck and fixing his own car on Grant Field. He then talks about dating, riding the trolleys, going to the movies and other happy times he had in Atlanta. At this point, Mr. Davis moves on to talk about his life in the ROTC, military summer camps, and other related matters. He then moves on to mention some other professors and his experiences in textile engineering and shop class. He also discusses the layout of Atlanta during the 1920's, as well as his memories of Crackers games, the Georgia Terrace, and downtown Atlanta. Finally, Mr. Davis concludes with his memories of Graduation day, how proud he is of being a Tech man, and the education and knowledge which Tech gave him.


1994 December 12