Charles Fram, Class of 1923


Charles Fram, Class of 1923


The following is a narrative of the Oral History Interview with Mr. Charles Fram, who attended Georgia Tech from 1919 until 1921, conducted by Marilyn Somers on February 10, 1995, at his home in Atlanta, GA. Mr. Fram begins the interview by explaining why he came to Tech and what it was like living in the YMCA his first summer. He also mentions that he did not have enough hours to attend Tech outright and so had to take courses in the academic building at first. He then continues with a description of some of the professors he remembers from school. He also mentions that one of the primary reasons for his choosing Tech was its good reputation as a technical school. Mr. Fram then speculates about hitting calculus classes and knowing he was in trouble. He decided that it was time to leave Tech. He continues to describe the University of South Carolina, where he completed his degree. Mr. Fram describes what the campus was like during his year at Georgia Tech. In particular, he describes Knowles Dormitory, the YMCA building, Peter's Park, and the stadium. Mr. Fram describes a military review by General Pershing in front of the Georgian Terrace Hotel and the songs the band played at football games. He describes the effects of World War I on Georgia Tech. Mr. Fram mentions different people who are now Tech legends, such as Dr. Floyd, Dr. Field, Bobby Jones, Dr. Matheson and Uncle Heine. He talks about Shirt Tail parades, Five Points and Pitts drugstore. He remembers taking streetcars to Agnes Scott and Arthur Murray's dances. He tells a story about Margaret Mitchell's husband. He talks about the small size of Atlanta when he attended Tech and its importance in the Southeast. Mr. Fram talks about returning to Atlanta and watching the city's skyline and the Georgia Tech campus grow. In particular, he remembers the governor's mansion at Peachtree Plaza and the Fox Theater. He concludes the interview by talking about Georgia Tech and the Olympics.


1995 February 10