Raymond Davis, Jr., CH E 1938


Raymond Davis, Jr., CH E 1938


The following is an Oral History Interview with General Raymond G. Davis, Georgia Tech class of 1938, conducted by Marilyn Somers on August 15, 1995 at his home in Stockbridge, Georgia. The subject of this interview is student life at Georgia Tech. General Davis begins the interview by discussing his family's history. He states that he had lived in Atlanta since he was in second grade. After finishing high school, Gen. Davis started a business that competed with the Varsity. Predictably this endeavor failed and Gen. Davis worked his way through Tech by working at Lee Bakery. Since he was in ROTC in high school, Gen. Davis committed to ROTC at Tech. He states that this and Mechanical Engineering were the only two things he was committed to before coming to Tech. Gen. Davis talks about the time he lived in Vinings by saying "there were only five homes here." Gen. Davis talks about riding the streetcars to Tech and how he really enjoyed D.M. Smith. Gen. Davis talks about the friends that he made while at Tech most notably Manuel Cortes and Ed Patton. He talks about their accomplishments and then he talks more about D.M. Smith. Gen. Davis then discusses Dr. Bunger's nearsightedness and how he taught them, the Chemical Engineers, how to be hands on and not theoretical. This would be an important facet of his education, Gen. Davis remarks later in the interview. General Davis then speaks about his love life and the athletics at Tech. General Davis then tells the story about how he drank beer and ate bananas on the orders of his doctor to gain weight in order to join the Marine Corps. General Davis talks about both his high school and college ROTC days. General Davis speaks briefly about his relationship with George Griffin. General Davis talks about some more of his friends from Tech, J.J. Davis and Parker Dean. He then discusses academic and social life at Tech including working at the Robbery, eating at the mess hall and the Varsity. General Davis remarks that Tech is still important to him. General Davis then talks about Rat Caps and the Razzle Dazzle offence of his time period. General Davis concludes the first part of his interview by talking about his involvement with The Technique and The Scabbard and The Blade, while also mentioning Dean Field. The second part of the interview talks about his post-Tech days including his involvement in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. General Davis discusses the importance of Stonewall Jackson to him and then he talks about his World War II experience. General Davis talks about his experience at Guadalcanal and Peleliu. General Davis states that he was able to get command of a battalion from Chestie Puller even though General Davis did not have the proper rank. General Davis details his involvement in the Korean War next. General Davis tells about his experience at the Chosin Reservoir. He states that it was warm enough to swim on November 10, but on the 16th it was 16 degrees below zero. He talks about how in these conditions he was able to rescue a Marine Corps rifle company form a key pass that enabled the embattled Americans to regroup by the see. It was from this experience that General Davis won the Medal of Honor. General Davis then talks about how after Korea he went back to Quantico and then to Washington D.C., just as he did after World War II. General Davis then talks about his Vietnam experience. After discussing Vietnam, General Davis recaps his career since retiring from the Marine Corps. A highlight of this was the chairing of the Korean War Memorial Committee. General Davis then discusses the value of the Tech education to him and who his influences were. General Davis finishes the interview by talking about his family and the book "The Story of Ray Davis."


1995 August 15