Yellow Jacket model airplane



Yellow Jacket model airplane


Model Airplane painted as Yellow Jacket. The body of the plane is rounded in shape and painted with alternating black and yellow stripes, with smaller white stripes between the larger black and white ones. The "head" of the airplane is an oblong egg shape attached the to body vertically. It is black with two "eyes" painted on either side. There are open slots on the front and sides of the head which probably allowed for the housing of a small engine & propeller within the "head." Two small rubber wheels are mounted in the base of the head.

The wings are yellow with small black line detailing to illustrate a yellow jacket's wings. There are some small cracks evident on the wings. Overall, there is some cracking or crazing of the painted surfaces.


circa 1955



Original Format

model airplane

Physical Dimensions

Height: 9"
Width: 39.5" (wingspan)
Length: 27"