Judson Greene, EE 1931


Judson Greene, EE 1931


The following is a Living History interview with Judson Greene, conducted on October 17, 1995, by Marilyn J. Somers at his home in Decatur, Georgia. He begins by telling how the South used to be and how hard times were. He recounts his freshman year: Prohibition, water heaters and his first co-op job. He worked for the railroad every four weeks, making for a very intensive academic schedule. He then went to work for South Georgia Power Company. He joined the ROTC Signal Corps. He remembers professors such as "Shorty" Bortell, D.M. Smith, Professor Stamy, Phil Narmore, and "Fundamental" Seidell. He also adds in a little story about Frank Gordy on his decision to sell hotdogs. Mr. Greene paid for school with the help of loans. Luckily since he was still on Georgia Power's payroll, Mr. Greene was able to get a job when the country was in the middle of a depression. He remembers his social life as being fun because no one had money so everyone was in the same situation. He recalls a story about "Wop" Roman and the band playing while Mr. Greene and his fellow Signal Corps members marched to the beat. After graduation, he trained for many months with the ROTC but was able to rise through the ranks of Georgia Power. Looking back Mr. Green would do it all over again. He concludes his interview with stories of his children and grandchildren.


1995 October 17