John Spence, COM 1933


John Spence, COM 1933


The following is a Living History Interview with John E. Spence, class of 1933, conducted by Marilyn Somers on January 23, 1996, at his home in Decatur, Georgia. The subject of this interview is student life at Georgia Tech. Mr. Spence begins by briefly describing his experience at Georgia Tech. In 1929, he entered into the School of Commerce, which, at that time, had the unique distinction of holding classes at night as well as being co-ed. Mr. Spence says he chose Georgia Tech because his uncle Robert Louis Whaley, the role model of his life, attended Tech. Mr. Spence describes the night classes as being typical college courses such as mathematics, English, and Economics. He mentions D. M. Smith and Eugene Dennison as memorable professors, who he enjoyed very much. Mr. Spence says that his social life was limited, but he did enjoy dances at his fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, and the company of his girlfriend. He says during his time in Atlanta the city did not change much. He mentions enjoying the wonderful shows at the Fox on Sundays. Mr. Spence says he graduated with the famous Ivan Allen, Sr., future mayor of Atlanta. Mr. Spence talks about his attendance at Emory University's law school after graduation from Georgia Tech. He describes his interesting career with the IRS and the Naval Reserves. Returning to his discussion of Georgia Tech, Mr. Spence talks about living at the YMCA for ten years. He concludes by saying his uncle was proud of him and that his Tech degree has served him well.


1996 January 23