Mary Santacroce, Staff


Mary Santacroce, Staff


This is a Living History interview with Mary Nell Santacroce, Director of DramaTech from 1948-1965, conducted by Marilyn J. Somers, April 9, 1996, at her home in Atlanta, Georgia. The subject of the interview is DramaTech and Ms. Santacroce's life. Ms. Santacroce begins the interview by briefly describing her childhood and early education. Her interest in dramatics and the theatre began in grammar school. She went to the University of Georgia, majored in speech, and performed in a drama production every quarter. Ms. Santacroce later attended Emory University where she obtained a Masters Degree in Speech and Hearing. She remembers that her first involvement with Georgia Tech's DramaTech came during her first marriage to Hugh Ivey, a physicist at Tech. Ms. Santacroce became the DramaTech director in 1948 and remained with the organization until 1965. She discusses the Fieldhouse, which was built by Georgia Tech to house the Band and DramaTech. She also goes into great detail about the design of the Fieldhouse, the various productions the group performed, and gaining academic credit for student members. Ms. Santacroce talks about her three children. Her daughter is a well-known actress (Dana Robbins Ivey), and her two sons are also in artistic professions. Mary Nell has had a successful acting career, which she discusses at great length. She has been in the John Huston film "Wise Blood" and is renowned for her role as Miss Daisy in the theatrical production of "Driving Miss Daisy". She recalls her mother's friendship with Margaret Mitchell and her try-out for the role of Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone With the Wind". Before the conclusion, Ms. Santacroce talks about her work as a speech teacher and therapist. She says that she enjoys the work because it changes people's lives.


1996 April 09