Cherry Emerson, Jr., Friend


Cherry Emerson, Jr., Friend


This is a Living History interview with Cherry Logan Emerson. Barbara Alexander conducted it on April 30, 1996. Mr. Emerson is the grandson of William H. Emerson, one of the original founders of Georgia Tech. The first four classes offered at Georgia Tech did not include engineering. Mr. Emerson's grandfather died in 1924 and there was a memorial service held for him in the Old YMCA buildings chapel. Mr. Emerson was very close to his grandfather. As a young boy, Mr. Emerson remembers being tutored by D.M. Smith. After graduating from Boys' High, Mr. Emerson went on to study at Emory University and later got his graduate degree at MIT. Mr. Emerson's advisor at MIT was Warren Lewis. He later married his advisors daughter, Mary. After graduating from MIT, Mr. Emerson worked for Monsanto for seven years before starting a firm called Emerson and Cuming, with a fellow Monsanto worker, Bill Cuming. Over the years, Emerson and Cuming had many successful projects, which Mr. Emerson describes in detail. The three important people in Mr. Emerson's life were his music teacher, Alfredo Barilli, his grandfather, and Warren Kimball Lewis, his father- in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Emerson have six children, three girls and three boys as well as numerous grandchildren. Mr. Emerson's great grandson Austin Wright is a PhD student at Georgia Tech.


1996 April 30