Francis Bulloch, EE 1936


Francis Bulloch, EE 1936


This is on Oral History interview with Rev. Francis (Frank) M. Bulloch, electrical engineering class of 1936, conducted by Marilyn J. Somers on August 20, 1996 in his home in Roswell, GA. The subject of the interview is student like at Georgia Tech. Mr. Bulloch begins by telling us about his birth in Atlanta in 1915. He moved away from Atlanta for many years but after his freshman year of college he transferred to Georgia Tech. He wanted to be an EE and when he though of engineers he though of Tech. He attended Tech during the Great Depression and times were tough, he says. He believes that things were simpler in those days because there were less students. He lived on campus in a fraternity house and remembers many icons of the time. He recalls Kay Kaiser's Big Band, the local dances, going to the Fox to see movies, and when FDR came to Tech to dedicate Techwood Homes. He also can remembers ordering bootleg liquor over the phone and can even recall the phone numbers. He recalls the small classes he had for EE but being in a physics class with over a hundred students. He tells about the time he slept through one of D.P. Savant's tests and was told "you did pretty well anyway." He went to all of the home football games and remembers many of his friends and situations form Tech. Mr. Bulloch recalls going to the Varsity frequently and being a friend of Frank Gory. He didn't attend graduation because he had to make up tow classes during summer quarter. After graduation he help a temporary job in Texas and then returned to Atlanta to work for Link-Bell, an engineering company. He eventually became head of the Estimates Department. He left Link-Bell in 1947 to open a chain of 5 & 10 stores with an associate but eventually sold them and returned to Link-Bell in 1950. In 1950 he was transferred to Chicago to head the Engineering Estimates Department. He remained there until 1953 when he left to attend seminary in Austin, Texas. He spent three years in the seminary and then moved to a parish in Indianola, Mississippi. He remained there for three years and then returned to Atlanta and the Cathedral of St. Philip where he stayed for 21 years. He retired in 1980. Mr. Bulloch married his first wide in 1939. They had three children together: Linda, Frank and Betsy. Linda and Frank were born in Atlanta and Betsy was born in Chicago two weeks before he left for the seminary. His wife was not "enthusiastic" about his decision to enter seminary at first. His first wife died in 1984. In 1985 he remarried to Mary, a longtime friend of him and his wife. He had a large extended family including his three children, his second wife's two children, and several grandchildren. He has kept himself busy with the Buckhead Lions Club, the University Yacht Club at Lake Lanier, committees at his condominiums and his contacts with Georgia Tech. He says that he has had a happy life and he married well twice.


1996 August 02