Alfred Berman, ME 1944


Alfred Berman, ME 1944


This interview with Alfred Berman, 1944, was conducted by Buffy Snipes on Friday, July 15, 1994 at Mr. Berman's home in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Berman begins with the reasons why he decided on Georgia Tech instead of Georgia, which was for the good football coaching of William Alexander and Bobby Dodd. He mentioned buying books at the Robbery and getting cokes and candy between classes. He talks about his football memories, including hard practices, coaching classes on the Hill, and a scheduled California game that was canceled because of the War. Berman remembers going to the Varsity to hear President Roosevelt declare war on Japan. He recalls having a great social life at Tech, which included great bands playing at dances in the Naval Armory and going to the Fox Theater on free passes with the football team. On the academic level, he speaks about Professor Walter Reynolds who could write on the chalkboard, while at the same time, give a great lecture. He recalls the tough load of classe, labs, and how exams were scheduled on Saturdays. He had a brief recollection of the Ramblin' Wreck being kept on the Grant Field track. He remembers going to the YMCA to use the telephone to call home or to call his girlfriend because it was free. Berman recalled Apple Jim, who was located across the street, selling apples for a nickel. "Sideways" the dog became a delightful memory to Berman. He recalls the dog walking on Grant Field, even during football games. He tells a story about when he picked up George Griffin on Marietta Street and how Griffin knew every student's name. Griffin was anxious for everyone to try out for the track team and join the Naval ROTC program. Morale was low, as he remembers, during this period, because of the possibility of leaving for war. Then he tells about the common experience of buying a beat-up car for about $23 at Red Volks Garage that had to be pushed down North Avenue in order to be jump started. To keep it running, the students pooled their money for parts and took turns using it. He tells of an incident when classmates dressed girls in men's uniforms and smuggled them into Howell Dormitory. Berman remembers Coach Dodd as a remarkable coach on the field. According to Berman, Coach Dodd practiced what he preached. Finally, he tells about the great bands of Harry James and Glenn Miller playing at the T-dances on campus. Alfred Berman recalled all the great friends he made at Tech, including his wife.


1994 July 15