Carl Maddox, ME 1944


Carl Maddox, ME 1944


This interview with Carl Maddox, Class of 1944, was conducted by Jennifer Dziejowski on August 2, 1994 in Mr. Maddox's home. Mr. Maddox begins by telling why he chose to attend Georgia Tech. He then discusses his enrollment into the Navy V-12 program. He talks about his involvement with Sigma Nu fraternity and describes their parties. He discusses the fact that he lived in dormitories after he joined V-12. Mr. Maddox talks about dating Atlanta girls and a Lil' Abner dance. He mentions the times he went into downtown Atlanta. Mr. Maddox discusses dormitory life during the V-12 program and his relationship with Eddie Prokop, John Stivers, and Frank Broyles who lived in Howell dormitory with him. He also talks about the 1942 Georgia-Georgia Tech game and the Tech players Clint Castleberry, Paul Duke, and Frank Broyles. Mr. Maddox says that he had a poor attitude towards classes. Mr. Maddox describes some of his most memorable teachers while he was at Tech. He talks about the coach of the tennis team and Physics professor Earle Bortell. He talks about the trips he made with the tennis team and Mr. Bortell. He also talks about Richard Trotter, the professor of Machine Design. Mr. Maddox states that he was on the Tech tennis team every year and then goes on to discuss his tennis history. He mentions players Nelson Abell, Frank Willett, Howard McCall, and Brian "Bitsy" Grant. He tells about having jobs in the Architecture Library and the Sigma Nu fraternity house serving meals. He says that once he joined V-12, they paid for everything. He talks about eating his meals in the Frat house, in the cafeteria during V-12, and at home in Atlanta when he could get there. Mr. Maddox gives a recent account of George P. Burdell pranks and a discussion he had with C.P. Drennan about the beginnings of the tradition. He talks about the Class of '44 getting messed up because of the war. He describes the Robbery and its prices. Mr. Maddox gives a detailed account of a class in Analytical Geometry held in Tech Tower and a prank that occurred in that class. He describes eating at the Varsity and the social life that revolved around it. He mentions that the president of his fraternity was editor of the Technique and he also mentions that he still has all his Blueprints. He describes meeting George Griffin. Mr. Maddox discusses going back to school after the V-12 program. He gives a detailed description of his time in the Navy and at the Naval Academy. He talks about coming back to night school to make up grades. He also talks about being back on the tennis team with Dick Collier, his doubles partner. He mentions Bill Moore and the Bill Moore Tennis Center. He describes his new attitude towards school after he returned. He them goes on to tell about Tech's invitation to the NCAA Tournament.


1994 August 2