Ernest Kontz, TE 1928


Ernest Kontz, TE 1928


This narrative summarizes a Living History interview with Ernest Kontz, conducted on August 4, 1994, at Mr. Kontz's home in Atlanta, Georgia. Kontz begins by mentioning his friendship with Dr. Brittain and telling about Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Crenshaw. He relays information about the academic prowess of Billy Wardlaw and Peter Pund, and makes comments about his military experiences. He discusses his involvement as a track team member and mentions coach Alex, George Griffin, and the Chicago National Track Meet. He briefly comments on transportation and housing, and describes his family's vacation house in Lakemont, Georgia. He tells a story about Charlie Schwartz, his fraternity brother, making beer in the basement of the Chi Phi house. He mentions the Biltmore, Druid Hills Golf Club, and Grant Theater as popular social spots, and says that the Bulldog and Cotillion clubs sponsored dances. He describes the ANAK initiation ceremony, and mentions Dick Fickett and the Spiked Shoe club. He recalls D.M. Smith as his favorite teacher, and comments on his class schedule and homework. He mentions UGA's "Dream and Wonder" team, 'nightshirt parades', and rat caps. He concludes by mentioning "Wop" Roman and making reference to the Technique. Narrative of Adeline Kontz (Earnest's Wife) This narrative summarizes a Living History interview with Adeline Kontz, conducted on August 4, 1994, at Mrs. Kontz's home in Atlanta, Georgia. Adeline begins by recounting memories of her childhood home near Washington Seminary and Brookwood Station. She describes Chi Phi tea dances at Garber Hall, and remembers spending time at Lakemont, Georgia. She mentions shopping downtown, streetcars, and popular bands. She discusses Mr. Kontz's track activities and concludes by commenting on Tech football games.


1994 August 3