Julian Jett, ARCH 1928


Julian Jett, ARCH 1928


This is an oral history interview with Julian Jett, class of 1928, conducted in his home in Atlanta, Georgia on August 26, 1994. The subject of the interview is his experiences at Georgia Tech. Mr. Jett came to Georgia Tech in the 1920's when Brittain was the president. He was an architecture major and had classes in "the Shacks" and the old physics building. He had man memorable instructors and later worked for the firms of Bush-Brown, Gailey, and Heffernen and Henz, Adler, and Shutze. He cheered for the Golden Tornado in the 1928 Rose Bowl game and remembers the beginning of the legend of George P. Burdell. Mr. Jett was a member of the Scabbard and Blade as well as a captain in his R.O.T.C. unit.


1994 August 26