Allen Hauck, COM 1930


Allen Hauck, COM 1930


The following is a narrative of the Oral History Interview with Dr. Eugene Hauck, from the Georgia Tech class of 1930, completed December 15, 1994 at his home in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Hauck begins the interview by explaining why he came to Atlanta from his small town in Pennsylvania. He then continues on to relate why he chose Georgia Tech over other universities, and the decision he made to study medicine. The interview then relates his first day at the university, how many people he met, and his being labelled a Yankee. Dr. Hauck describes how he lived off campus and walked to school everyday. He mentions his decision to play football, his leaving the team, but then eventually sticking with the game. He describes practising against the 1928 Rose Bowl team and players like Warner Miesel and Stumpy Thompson. He continues on to mention the "Golden Tornadoes" of the Heisman era, the infamous Cumberland game, and other stories. In the next section of the interview, Dr. Hauck continues on to talk about some of his professors including Dr. Boggs and Ernest Hartsock. He also mentions the amount of homework, the lack of much social life, and going out to the Fox Theatre on dates. He describes two professors he particularly liked as Loys Chapin and George Merriweather and the positive influence of Georgia Tech on his life. He also talks about Dean Griffin and O.B. Keilor, a reporter who covered the Leo Frank case. Dr. Hauck also discusses what Atlanta was like when he first came here. He also mentions Frank Gordy and his stand on the corner of the street. He then concludes the interview by stating how proud he is of being a Techman, and how he enjoyed what he did while he was there.


1994 December 15