Ramblin' Wreck trophies



Ramblin' Wreck trophies


Two early examples of Ramblin' Wreck trophies. Today's Ramblin' Wreck parade, held each Homecoming, is descended from an actual auto race that was furn from Atlanta to Athens, Georgia, starting in 1929. Eventually, Tech administrators decided that a parade would be less hazardous than an Illegal road race.

Foreground: Ramblin Wreck trophy with wooden base and two handled tin cup mounted to top of wooden base. Wood base flares to a width of 6" at the bottom; it is roughly 3.25" at the top where it meets the tin cup. Inset into the wooden base is a small metal toy car, yellow in color, to represent the Ramblin Reck. Faintly visible on the tin cup are the words "Rambling / Wreck / 1935."

Typewritten notecard label originally taped to the bottom of the object indicates:
"Ramblin' Reck Trophy / 1935 / Won by Beta Kappa (now Lambda Chi Alpha). Earliest known Ramblin' Reck Trophy"

Background: Ramblin' Wreck trophy made from a spittoon associated with the original State Capitol Building at Milledgeville, GA. Trophy is brass throughout and its base is dented significantly throughout. The uppper portion of the trophy / spittoon is in relatively good condition.

Typewritten notecard label associated with the object indicated the following:
"PRESENT DAY RAMBLIN' RECK PARADE TROPHY / (this spitton was originally in the State Capitol Building at Milledgeville, Georgia)"